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Concept Solutions Corp. (CSC) was founded in 2001. Originally located in a rented office within a local tool shop.

In 2005 we moved our company across town to a small office building in Sylvania, Ohio.

We re-located to a larger facility again in 2006 to fulfill our vision of developing the company into a provider of both engineering and manufacturing. This move gave us the space to expand our engineering capabilities and to add the manufacturing and assembly of custom machinery.


Michael Rymer, President: 30 years of custom machine design and project management experience. 3 years at Glasstech and 13 years at Ort Tool before joining the company in 2004. BS in mechanical engineering and an MBA from the University of Toledo. Three US & two international patents granted.

Mike Ulinski: 30 years of experience in custom machine design, build, run-off, and installation. Assembly and Electrical Build department supervision. Certified training in PLC and HMI programming. Extensive experience in Project Management.


Our business is anchored on the principles of responsibility and customer service.  We understand that each project represents a unique set of parameters and challenges, and we view these challenges as opportunities for creativity and improvement.  Focusing on project scope, schedule, and budget, in conjunction with a systematic and logical approach to our work, assures a quality product which adds value to your organization.  Our success is directly linked to the success and complete satisfaction of our customers.


To build a long term mutually beneficial partnership through value added design solutions, precision project management, and exceptional customer service exceeding all expectations. We will set the industry standards in customer service, design ingenuity, and goal achievement.


  • 20” x 50” x 25” 12,000 RPM Spindle Haas VF4SS

  • 16” dia. X 48” CNC lathe with 3” thru spindle (Haas)

  • 20” x 40” x 23” 3 axis CNC bed mill (Milltronics MB-20 – Cat 40 taper)

  • 9” x 31” 2 axis CNC knee mill   (Proto-trak K3 with SMX)

  • 10” x 31” 2 axis CNC knee mill (Proto-trak)

  • 10” x 20” automatic surface grinder

  • 10” horizontal band saw

  • 14” vertical band saw

  • MIG welder

  • 20 ton shop press

  • 2 ton arbor press

  • Certified Inspection and gauging tools
    Certified FARO 48 Inch radius CMM arm, .0008 IN resolution with laser scanning

  • 5,000 lb. tow motor

We would appreciate an opportunity to discuss your project needs.
All correspondence is confidential.